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# daniel 2017-01-23 20:37
well you did have some pictures to post. Thanks a lot! I am interested in your thrust set up and what kind of bearings and belt. We are nearing completion on a 12r using 2" aluminum rails similar to your hovercraft that inspired our design. We will post pics shortly. I am wondering how the flat lift engine and fan design would work on a 18x7 or so with the front being about 4ft wide. I'm not real sure why UH always has their lift fan on a angle. I wouldn't think a angled lift fan would push more pressure to the back of the craft so just not sure if it would work good on a 18ft.
# Robaker44 2017-01-24 19:38
The belt reduction on this engine is a Ultralight aircraft setup. multi V belt. My other crafts use the UH setup. Aluminum 4 V on engine and wooden pulley on top and Pillow block bearings.
I believe UH angles there duct back to send the air towards the rear instead of out the sides of the craft. I don't have any problem with air escaping out the front of mine if I'm moving but if I'm sitting still quit a lot escapes out the front. One of UH's smaller crafts use one engine in the back for thrust and lift. It blows its air straight down under the engine and seems to work very well. SEVTECs use this setup also. You might try this setup. Im glad my rail idea has caught your eye. I thought it was good idea. I just wish I had had access to aluminum unistrut. I have been flying this hovercraft for many years and it still works as good as the day I built it.
# Robaker44 2017-01-24 19:55
Here is another setup I have that would work good on a 12R. pics added above. have you seen this video?

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Author / Member : Robaker44

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