Kraken2   Welcome to the Kraken build.Kraken2

Sevtec Explorer XXL

16' Wide x 32' Long

   ''BECAUSE! you want it. That's reason enough.'' 

From paper sketches,rough cad design to finished cad design.

Everything is subject to change.

Design inspiration from race boats. 

Check back on this post weekly as we take this from preliminary design to final design.




hc11 12 1

4 15 16



Blue                                                                                             Red                                                    

                   Modeled after Hydroplane design.                                              Offshore race boat design.

             boat2                                 boat3boat 4



This page was updated  10/31/2017 with roughed in cockpits. Rough cad design allowes faster changes.  Once the craft takes baisic shape the time consuming details, surfaces and contours will bring it to life.

  Next step will be CNC cutting of jigs I'll take video and post it. SevZilla was a ambitious project I learned alot Kraken is 4 foot shorter than SevZilla but far more complex in nature to build.  I will be using vacuum infusion on as many panels as I can to save weight during SevZilla build it was hard to keep consistence panel weight during the build. There will be hundreds of hours fairing and sanding not on my list of fun.

Cockpit a

 Cockpit b

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