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I have now completed the repairs that were required after I did not line up the boat ramp correctly and hit a rock while landing.  The painting was the difficult part as I am not a good tradesman and usually have to have several attempts before I get what I am looking for.  The first attempt caused the new paint to peal off in a sheet.  I had not prepared the old surface enough so I had to sand well, undercoat and then finish coat and clear.  

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The only legacy is in the skirt duct so I don't have to worry about it.  From the body of the craft to the outside timber rail the underside of the craft is just fiberglass on polystyrene.  When the factory built the craft they would have laid the glass onto the styrene when the hull was upside down.  I had to try and stretch the fiberglass, apply epoxy and let it set as I was using pour in polyurethane.  In the middle of applying the epoxy I realised that the glass would just hang down so I put some very thin single ply ply on top of the glass.  This worked well but left small ripples in the glass around the edges of the ply.  As I said nobody will be inside the skirt to see it.

I also placed a little more decking to cover the small imperfections in my repair job.  This coveres the whole deck in rubber decking and makes it easier to move around on the craft.  I also think it improves the appearance.  It certainly helps to direct where people should stand on the craft as they now tend to only stand on the decking. 

 My other project is to connect to the data port of my EJ22.  I have found the information for an interface and I intend to use a program called Freessm to hook up the PC to the Subaru ECU, will post the details when I get it going.

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# eccinoz 2016-09-14 19:48
Hi Lazza, I live at Buxton, near Childers in Qld. I just met a guy from here who said that his Son / Son in Law??. from the Gold Coast, imported a hovercraft from the States. I was just wondering if it was you. Anyway, you might like to hook up with the Australian Hovercraft Federation. They're having a National Hover Rally at Lake Coolmunda, between Warwick & Goondawindi, in July '17. I'm trying to get my 17' SEV finished to get there...Cheers. . PS Nice machine 8)
# lazza 2016-09-14 20:27
Thanks for the comment. No it wasn't me but I did talk to a guy on the Gold Coast who was thinking about it. Yes I am a member of the Queensland group and was at Lake Coolmunda a month or so ago, had a great time. I should be out with them this weekend but won't make it....Larry
# lazza 2016-10-15 04:04
I and "The Norm" has spent the day with my mechanics at DriftKing Performance. I had a rattle in the flexible coupling between the engine flywheel and the main drive shaft that was assembled by the machine shop that did all the new shafts. We pulled the flexible coupling apart and it was unfortunately not full of grease. My mechanics checked it and refilled it with extreme performance grease. When we ran the engine the rattle had gone and the craft was very quiet. Just part of the saga.

The next thing we addressed was the engine. We hooked the data loggers to it and ran it. It did not take long and the mechanics found that there was a coupling in the inlet manifold system that had lost it's blanking plug. This was part of the environmental system on the car and now that the EJ22 does not have any of this it should have been blocked off. They believe that when the engine backfired it fired of the original plug. We installed another blocked plug in it and I had my nice balanced new engine back.

We have done lots of "runs" from idle to full power over about 2 hours of running and the engine performed perfectly. The data logger ( Evoscan) recorded the data and it all looked fine. At 5000 revs we got to 93% load and it certainly all sounded very nice.

I am very happy and relieved as I have my hovercraft back and just had to put it on Hovercrafter.
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