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After the last few issues it was great to get back on the water on the weekend.  I launched and had an almost perfect day of hovering, a couple of hours around the islands near Brisbane and a run down the Logan river.  The craft went flawlessly and I was very happy.  The engine performed well and so did the hovercraft.

The only comment I have is about the propeller.  The fancy aircraft metal tape that I installed in my last article is rubbish.  The tape lasted one half hour run and was eroded away on the propeller tip.  There was some very minor erosion on the epoxy under the tape but the tape was gone.  The craft was dirty but it is easily cleaned.


IMG 5780  hovercraft

The guy at the aircraft shop said this steel tape would work well but it didn't so I am back to the research. 

The rest of the craft worked very well and it felt good to be back on the water.  My new engine performed flawlessly and was very responsive.  It was also very good to have a day hovering with the Queensland Hovercraft Club and I have no damage.  You really get to know why you have a hovercraft on days like yesterday..


# cmeikle 2016-11-14 15:02
Hi Larry, I'm about to start my 14P. What is your new engine?

# lazza 2016-11-15 02:04

My craft has an EJ22. The new EJ22 was a 1993 and was given to a race car engine builder to rebuild. It has better internals, a mild cam and is fully balanced. It runs very nicely (now) and is very responsive. The responsiveness is great as you can rev it up as you turn to get more air over the control surfaces and then quickly slow it down when you have changed direction. It just works a lot better.
# cmeikle 2016-11-15 13:58
Thanks Larry. I've ordered a Subaru V-twin 36hp (999cc) for the thrust and a 17.5hp for the lift. Hoping they will do the job. Decided not to go with the belt system.
# lazza 2016-11-21 23:14
I still have not made my final mind up on the belts. The whole system is very quiet and efficient but you cannot lift the craft without thrust. I also changed all the factory bearings to Timken Spherical Rollers in plumber blocks with environmental seals to make it all work better. Friends have separate motors and it is very handy especially at a boat ramp and when you are in tight situations. For a 14 those engines should be fine.

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