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I finally got the energy to go out to my shed and look at my dream machine, it wasn't there!

I asked my  son in law where my machine had went ... well he moved it outside didn't cover it, needless to say the year of weather took its toll on the craft. The epoxy is lifting from the deck all the wood structure is starting to rot, the foam rudders and trim plane are black with mildew. Needless to say I felt like I lost my best friend but that's the way it goes I reckon.... stepping back and taking another run at it, maybe this time I can complete my craft. Will keep y'all posted.


# Gone7 2014-05-08 15:25
Very sorry to hear about your troubles Doug. Weather can certainly take a toll on these things. I feel bad for you, but I'm glad you'll be building again. I look forward to seeing updates on the new one.
# Psngwynd 2014-07-25 09:26
Sorry to hear about your craft.mine was under a grey boat cover and with the temperature extremes the foam filler under the panels expanded and cracked the panels letting water in and when the cold came the ice opened them up .so more grinding glassing sanding a and painting now fixed so don`t give up .
# Robaker44 2014-07-31 18:40
This is why I have swore off wood and fiberglass. My latest hover made from styrofoam, aluminum and spray on bedliner has been setting outside for almost 3 years now and all i have had to do is touch up a few places that got poked threw the berliner into the foam.
# doug63 2014-08-04 06:28
I recently bought the UH15 plans I like the all wood construction, gonna take my time with either one I do
# Pat 2014-08-04 15:32
I used a saws-all to remove a top skirt attach along the back because some of it loosened up. by holding the saws-all at an angle I replaced broken and/or rotted lower attach stripes several times these attach strips are critical to holding the skirt in place.

If you saw off the cockpit in 8 foot long pieces you could use the cuttings as pattern. The deck could simply have the first veneer sanded off.

The mold stain could lightened by a weak mixture of bleach and water.
# Pete 2014-11-20 12:28
I had a similar experience three years ago. Luckily my deck was 98% OK, so I only had to replace the cockpit section. I spent three months or more just thinking about what to do, weighing up the amount of time and money that I had expended on the project, and as I am now very long in the tooth [just plain old] realised that I would have to make a supreme effort to rebuild her. Anyway, I "amputated" the de-laminated ply and took the whole thing down to deck level and rebuilt her. Three years down the line and I am at engine start point AGAIN!!!!! Try to look on the bright side, sort out your thoughts and put all disappointment behind you. You've done it once ..... you can do it again. It's a chore and very hard work ........ That is similar to what happened to Eureka ........ Eureka 2 is nigh.......

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