Hi guys! Here's an update showing a bit more progress. I have almost got the final shape, then it's the final sand down and a coat of glass.

By using a lightweight alloy shaft drive I can mount the seats only 4 inches off the deck and have a very low profile.



Still some shaping left here.  



Lots of trimming to fit the duct before the glass, then I'm going to remove the body from the hull and

fit the engine and thrust duct. I also need to fit the lift duct and shaft which will connect to a motorcycle shaft drive 90 degree and lift fan.

Hoping to have the hull glassed before xmas.   



# Gone7 2013-12-07 08:43
Thanks for the update Gomez. Lookin good! And I really like the creativity. I'm kind of wondering about seat placement though. Your low profile would be a benefit, but it would appear that your seat will be much closer to the front of the craft than they typically are. Balancing out the craft is an important consideration and if you have too much weight forward it might affect your performance. You should even consider that you'll likely even shift your weight, or seating location, fore and aft depending on the driving conditions while operating the craft.

Maybe you have it positioned normally. But, I thought I'd mention it before you get any further along in your project. I'm curious to hear what other UH guys might comment.
# gomez 2013-12-07 16:21
Hi Gone7 thanks for the comments, the seats are in the normal position but I have only put in two seats side by side you can sit with your legs at almost full stretch I can move the seats fwd or back approx. 6inches and plan to mount gas tank behind on a slider which I can also move port or starboard to transfer weight.I have a cpl of other things I intend to put in like a full flip front and an adjustable front wing spar which will allow the front spar to be from 9inches off the deck to 1 inch from the deck allowing for adjustment for wind and takeoff speed
# Gone7 2013-12-07 17:52
Sounds like you have all the bases covered. It must just be the angle of the photos that makes it look so far forward. Glad to hear that it's coming together, and looking forward to seeing more.
# gomez 2013-12-07 19:45
yes it is the angle that's the suck thing working with no space ive only got about 6inchs at each end when the door is shut lol I cant even get a front pic because there is no room but we do what we have to to get the job done
# baseline 2013-12-10 10:56
Love the idea of a shaft drive! I would like to consider it myself but was worried about having to use a compound universal joint at the fan end. I also considered using a carbon fiber tube for the shaft to save weight. Would love to know more about how you will make the connection to the fan.
# gomez 2013-12-12 02:38
Hi baseline im running the shaft inside a 2mm wall alloy tube up to the front duct hard on the deck I will shape out the hull at both ends to allow room for the pulleys I have gilmer pulleys and belts. at the duct end I am in the process of modifying a motor cycle shaft drive the fan is where the wheel would be and layed horizontal and mounted in the duct .so effectively a ninety degree drive then just join them with gilmer belt and tensioner cheep as chips on ebay alloy and light . I hope that makes sense. the motorcycle shaft drive I have is all alloy from a 900cc bike that made around 85hp and im running a 34in nine blade on a 12blade hub with 5z blades
# Pat 2013-12-16 06:43
I am concerned about the tilting cockpit access from the front. The
lift fan will need to be well guarded when the hatch is open. Also latching it strong enough to prevent opening in a plow in would make it hard to get in and out of.

I would bury some hard points around the outside of the lift duct to mount a lift motor later if the shaft drive does not work out. ( The shaft drive will work but it's either too little or too much lift )
# gomez 2013-12-19 03:51
hi pat thanks for the comments as I have 9 blade it is fully adjustable pitch so can add more or less pitch as needed .the tilt front will make it very easy to get in or out all will be revealed when you see the finished product it will be side access and the front flips fwd over the lift duct I have built in a alloy sub frame which it is mounted to and quick release pip pins just in case the worse happens

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