After a few years on hold its fullspeed ahead again here's a few pics:  hull is done with a few mods, 9 inches longer and sharpened up a little.

20150314 101127

Skirt on and with a few adjustments I then removed it, sewed it, and put it aside till after I'm finished with the topside.  

P 20180628 162129

A nice find at an auction - a 38hp pro series kohler vee twin with only 18hrs on the clock a steal at $135.00. I could not believe my luck!  Bearing, direct high pressure oil pump, and a spare block with crank made it easy for a mock up mounting.  Running a 9 blade multi on a 12 blade hub at 28 degrees pitch it's more than enough to do the job.

P 20180423 153600

   P 20180401 130307

A quick mockup to check the fit as you will see when it comes to the body I have strayed a little from the norm hehe!

20150325 064958 

Not much room to build. 

P 20180401 135536 copy

As I'm rolling with my own design body wise it's alot of chop and change as you will see.

P 20180820 070445

So I wasn't happy with the engine cover area so cut it off the back of the previous pic lifted it and widened it a few inches to allow airflow over the cabin to flow under the engine cover, thus reducing the drag area behind the cabin. I did this because I'd done a quick CAD and put in NASA's virtual wind tunnel an was very surprised at the amount of badly disturbed flow that was behind the cabin. Allowing it to dissipate under the engine cover worked a treat as the prop gets more air the motor gets more cooling and the drag smoothed out considerably.

P 20180820 070428 copy     

Looking a bit messy here as I just used about 30kg of plaster to shape up the cabin so I can thermo-form a one piece acrylic cover which will sit on linear rails and slide fwd over the front duct. It will be held with pip pins that can be pulled to remove the cover just in case of mishaps.

 P 20180705 165652

A plan coming together. The bits on the side are the roughly shaped up wing tips. I've been a bit slack on the pics and she is far more advanced than you see here running a 160hp injected ej22. I've re-pinned the ECU and found a Bluetooth sender unit that allows me to have a digital dash and not have to run any wiring. I have the thrust motor installed, prop on duct finished, and tail supports installed. I'm working on some two stage rudders at the moment that i will drive with electric actuators controlled with an joystick. Well that's it for this session but I'll be back very soon with more pics. 


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