What a hassle!

Firstly I cut the ply to shape and glassed to extend the length

20181017 133507 756x1008

20181017 185242 1008x756

Next was to make something to shape it around 

20181017 185246 1008x756

The plastic around the sides is due to somehow cutting the disks too small so adding 4 layers of 0.2mm plastic fixed the issue. Now to bend around the disks.....not fun it just did not want to bend so into the pool over night it went

20181017 190819 1008x756

 Even after that it would not bend without hearing cracks all the time. I persisted and tried to fix the cracks with fibreglass and wooden plates until it dried.

20181017 235129 1008x756

20181017 235136 1008x756

Once dry I looked inside and there were some spots where it wasn't round due to the cracks. Not sure if I'm happy with it but I don't see another easy option.

I put that aside and cut the hole into the hull. Firstly I used a router top and bottom.

20181018 094121 1008x756

20181018 114553 1008x756

I then used a jigsaw and a fileting knife to cut through.

20181018 115836 1008x756

Next I sat the lift duct inside at a revised angle of 15 degrees. This is because I am using a lift motor. I marked the lift duct underneeth and trimmed with a jigsaw. I descided to keep the lift duct as I can just glass inside in the cracked low spots and sand back to a circle.

20181018 155053 1008x756

Now I aligned the lift duct. Made sure it was equal on both sides, level and at 15 degrees. I screwed in several places to hold it temporarily. I rechecked the angle and it came to 13 degrees, I was happy with that.

20181018 163548 1008x756

Then 2 cans of expandable foam has set it in place.

20181019 114655 1008x756


# bilco5 2018-10-31 09:59
If you build your duct from plywood with the grain running perpendicular to the bend it will make it easier to get a fairly true cylinder. It is more work in that you will have to splice more pieces together to get the length needed. Unless you can buy plywood with the grain running across instead of end to end, bendable plywood, (made specifically for bending, sometimes referred to as rubber plywood) can be with grain running either across or lengthwise.

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