First was to cut the timber to size. Bunnings had 3.6m lengths of 19mm x 42mm merranti. I used 1 full length and a 1.4m length for each side. Straight after cutting I threw the lengths into the pool for 2 days.

Even after soaking for 2 days the timber was VERY hard to bend. I did it in 2 steps. Firstly I held in place at the end and drilled and screwed in place. Then I needed a helper to hold the curve as I predrill then screw. Over all about 30 screws per side was required to keep the curve. Once the timber dried off (1/2 a day) I unscrewed the strip and it held some of its shape. I applied glue and repeated the process again but no predrilling was required. Hopefully it holds once the screws are out.

20181019 193200 1008x756

20181019 122024 1008x756


# Gone7 2018-10-24 09:47
Hey, it's looking really good! You're making a lot of progress.
# bilco5 2018-10-31 09:39
Looking good thing that is critical when installing the inner attach strip is to ensure it runs precisely parallel to the outer attach strip ....any variance in distance will make it more difficult to install your skirt evenly all around. An unevenly installed skirt will really affect performance. I learned this the hard way.
# Spindlefly 2018-11-12 10:47
Hey man your craft looks excellent, your build diary is good.
Where did you manage to get plans to make the prop? When I asked Uh last year they said they were no longer available.
Check me out at Hoverwing.blogs

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