This was a time consuming job. 

Firstly I needed to move the craft out of the carport and onto the grass so I could turn it upside down. I used small caster wheels screwed into the front inside skirt attach strip to make the front movable and then used a fridge trolley at the rear to lift the rear.

20181124 175217 1209x907

Now I measured and cut 50mm 6oz glass to cover every join on the underneath. Each join was labeled and the corresponding fibreglass strip was labled also. Where was a total of 47 joins and required 60m fibreglass tape.

I mixed 120grams of epoxy at a time and spent about 3 hours glassing.

Once that dried I sanded every peice and trimmed the glass smooth.

Lastly I re applied epoxy to every join to ensure it is water tight and sealed all timber surfaces with epoxy. I will also paint at a later stage.

20181124 175300 1209x907

20181124 175301 1209x907

20181124 175256 1209x907




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