Now it is time to mount the engine and thrust duct.

Firstly the engine mount blocks were glued to the hull. They are too long but will be cut later.

20181124 182116 907x1209

Next was to mount the engine. I had no one to help me at the time so I chose to move it alone with a series of ratchet straps and rope. Good to say it worked perfectly. It had to move about 6m.

20181124 184711 1209x907

20181124 184707 907x1209

20181124 184817 1209x907

20181124 185743 1209x907 copy

20181124 190310 1209x907

I also used the same method to lift and align the thrust duct.

20181124 192925 907x1209

20181124 192930 1209x907

Next I had to make a flat spot on the thrust duct so it will sit flat onto the hull. I used a belt sander to do this quickly. The measurements to get it right were a bit involved but it all worked perfectly.

Now the plans said to use expanding foam to secure to the deck. Good idea but the plans did not explain how to make it look nice down there so I came up with this 'box's

20181125 144611 1209x907

20181125 144615 1209x907

20181125 144618 1209x907

I screwed these peices in place temporarily. 

Next I cut up and installed the side support fins. A fair bit of measuring to align perfectly but all worth the effort. 

20181125 144624 1209x907

20181125 144626 1209x907

Now the box and fins were glassed. Once dry I drilled 3 12mm holes in the back of the box and emptied the entire contents of a can of expandable foam. The foam expanded everywhere and has made a perfect join. 

The centre form was removed with moderate persuasion. Little bits of glue held it in place but a large hammer helped.

20181126 193653 907x1209

20181126 193702 1209x907

20181126 193712 907x1209




# gomez 2018-12-08 00:42
nice job on the duct nice to see another aussie build i had mine on hold for a bit but have been hard at it in the last six month im glad to see im not the onlyone that has to move thing around to ill post a few pics now im sorted

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