Now it starts to look like a hovercraft!

I marked out the 4 points off the plan that represent the outline of cockpit. I then used a large peice of pvc pipe to mark the curve using these points.

Once I double checked the lines were correct I glued the bottom stringers down for the cockpit and the seat.

20181128 190030 980x1306

3 peices of ply were then glued together to form the 2 cockpit sides

20181129 074708 980x735

The outline of the sides were marked and the ply cut. Next was to place the sides against the stringers and temporarily glue in place while the glue dried. I used rope and straps to ensure the sides were square

20181129 182716 980x1306

20181129 182723 980x735

As the sides bent around the stringers the joins in the sides opened up so I added 10x50mm timber to each join.
Next was to attach the top stringers. This required 3 strips glued together. Having 3 peices allowed the timber to bend easily but once dry it holds its shape very well. Once again I used straps and rope to hold square. Many clamps were required.

20181130 135249 980x735

20181130 135244 980x1306

20181130 135249 980x735 copy


20181201 155016 980x1306

IMG 6752 980x735

Next was to design the dashboard. The plans are not very clear here so I just went off the plan for this. I chose a dash height of 150mm to allow enough room for engine gauges etc.

20181203 194022 1612x784

20181203 194015 1612x784

I marked up the location of the joystick and installed ply around it's full movement.

Next was to glue ply in place near the lift duct. The plans are not clear here so I just went with what looked correct. I will fill in with foam and shape to make the inlet lip.

20181204 171218 784x1612

20181204 171251 1612x784

20181204 171245 1612x784

Here is the joystick

20181206 211027 980x2016

20181206 182708 980x2016

20181207 184356 980x2016

20181207 193143 980x2016




# gomez 2018-12-12 02:50
nice work there no messing around i like the seperate lift engine what areyou running i done the same gives a few more options i see you decided to keep the belt guard /seat up the center i done away with mine to drop the centre of gravity down a bit also let me drop the cockpit height a bit you are powering into the build nice to see another backyard build using what you have to make it work very neat and tidy
# Topendhover 2018-12-16 13:07
Hey Gomez. Thanks for the nice words. Definently keen to see some photos of your build! Where in Australia are you building it?
# gomez 2018-12-17 02:03
hey James im on the gold coast check out kiwi patience in the builders corner its definitely not to plan body wise pretty much to plan hull wise just a small stretch of 9 inches ill have some more pics next weekend as it will be exiting the garage for the first time
# Topendhover 2018-12-17 02:09
That's interesting as I just arrived in Ballina for holidays. Give me a call when your free on 0421051158
# Poojam 2019-01-22 16:09
Nice job! Been following your build for a month, and your diary and pictures have been really helpful. I am working on lift duct, and building thrust duct now. Getting there, and only hampered by snow, ice, and cold temps! Keep the Picts coming. Thanks

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