The plans asked for 6mm ply for the fins but it seemed too weak so I laminated a further 3mm piece to each fin. This made it very strong. I marked 1194mm from the deck to the thrust duct on each side. This is where the fins will be cut into the foam duct. Once a slot was cut I used expandable foam to secure to the duct.




I welded a 3mm strip underneath the fin on the engine mount. I drilled 2 10mm holes and used short bolts to secure to the frame.



Due to the angle of the thrust duct measuring the correct place for the stabilizer support and the timber that mounts to the duct was difficult. Also the angle that the side fin forms with the duct made the measurements difficult too. In the end I used a spirit level app on my phone to ensure my measurements were correct.


Due to the angle of the side fin the side timber support needed a slot cut out on an angle as can be seen towards the back of the photo. The foam and the fibreglass in the duct now was cut away to tightly fit the stabaliser suppport. I cut multiple pieces of pine to the correct angles to fill in the gap behind the side support timber to allow it to have more surface area to adhere to.


I trial fitted everything and checked that everything was square and level. Once happy I applied glue and held in place with many screws to make sure it didn't move.










# gomez 2019-01-21 09:59
looking good James your powering into it its inspiring ive spent alot of time in the shed lately THANKS i agree i thought the 6mm ply was a bit dodgy i went with 12mm and 2 coats of 6oz glass
fitting the tail support ive gone with alloy tube as i found a supplier that is insanely cheap the 6.5m 76mm/3mm wing struts where $90 each done my head in for a while i ended up screwing a perfectly straight board to the hull extending well out behind the hull and using two plumb bobs exactly the same length at each end of the alloy tube i then drilled through the tube screwed them to the duct using packing to get them level and square to hull and each other once square and true i glassed them in and then run a strip of 9 biased 900g glass from just above the tail support to the deck to bring it all together a little on the heavy side but ive saved weight with the full foam body and very low cabin height when i stand beside it the top of the cabin is at my elbow my thought was build lite were i can so i can beef the weaker points without gaining weight and re alloy i used 10mm /3mm flat to secure the inside skirt they were $3.80 a 4 mt length if your interested see if you have an action aluminium store in your area
Regards Mark
# Topendhover 2019-01-22 15:31
Where's have you found the wing spars?? I'm having a lot of trouble.

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